5 Habits You Need To Give Up Today For A Simpler Life

Our habits define our lives, if you want a better life, then you need to practice better habits.

It's really okay to have bad habits, everyone has some, and it's alright to not succeed at giving up them by 100% because what truly matters is that you've tried! and sometimes that's already enough, so here's a list of bad habits that you need to give up today:

1- The habit of complaining: 

First you got to understand that this world doesn't owe you anything, this life is 100% your responsibility and if you want something, then you'd better go out there and make it happen, I used to think that my parents have to buy me everything and give me the life I wanted, but this is not true, I'm the one who's going to work on my dreams and now I'm grateful for everything and happy that I got the chance to do it by myself because it feels much better when you work and succeed! so give up complaining and be thankful, just keep it in your mind "no one owes you anything".

2- The habit of caring about other's opinion: 

They're going to judge and criticize what so ever you're going to do and it's a waste of time to please people, realize that being judged is something you have no control over, so let it go and focus on what you love to do and who you want to be, feel free to enjoy your life on your own expectations, not on theirs'.

3- The habit of attachment: 

We want to feel secure and safe, and often we tend to get attached to our comfort zone or to people we think that we can't live without them.. it's because we get used on that situation and we're afraid of experiencing a new one, afraid of the unknown, this attachment is what makes us refuse any kind of change, but we need to get out of it and experience life, we need the change to become better, so whenever you feel like it's time to change, be excited about it, and work hard for that change, it's an opportunity to live better days.

4- The habit of negativity: 

We often tend to expect the worst scripts, we love to see problems, complexes, and we forget all about the blessings and opportunities we have, because we think that our lives should be without problems, that's right! life should be without problems, and that happens once you start to see these problems as an opportunity to grow up and learn, the problem is not the problem, the problem is your attitude about the problem! negativity is something you decide it, so make a decision to start seeing the good about every situation.

5- The habit of letting fear hold you from your dreams: 

You're allowed to be afraid, but you're never allowed to let it be an excuse to not take actions on your dreams, and it's not just about succeeding, but succeeding though you're afraid! being afraid, is not something you should feel ashamed of, but making it an excuse, that's the shame.

Whenever you wanted to change a bad habit think first of replacing it with a good one, that's how you make sure you succeed in giving up bad habits, because your life is already full of habits whether it was good or bad ones, you can't add another one, unless you make a place for it! so revisit your day and figure out what to remove from it!

At the end of the day, ask yourself, did you made the day count? say no to things you don't want to do or to have anymore in your life, and make decisions to be a better person, to work better and harder then write down these decisions and remind yourself with, the next day!

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