8 Things To Tell yourself If You Truly Want To Succeed

We all want to succeed, but we won't succeed until we want it as much as we want to breath, here are things to tell yourself if you truly want to succeed:

1- It may take some time, but time will pass anyway: 

Success is nothing but a lifestyle, a way of living, it's your daily routine, your habits your thoughts and your attitude, that's how success gets built, and it's fast but we can't feel it, so don't focus on how much you've progressed and focus on doing your best every day, focus on being every day better than yesterday.

2- Ignore the doubters: 

People won't accept that we have to work hard they may see it stupid and they'll try so bad to convince you that it's a stupid idea to work hard on your dreams, a waste of time, and that you need to have rest and enjoy your life, they'll tell you that you won't make it, you're not good enough, no conditions are suitable for your dreams.. you got to know that all these are nothing but shits! get over it and focus on what you really believe in, not what on others believe! work in secret and let your success be your noise! What so ever will happen, don't let others hold you back! not even your loved ones, believe in it even if no one else would do!

3- It's about practice and repetition: 

If you failed don't stop for a week or a month start right over, do it so much that it becomes a part of your subconscious mind. believe in your dreams, practice working on it every single day, put in the effort and make the sacrifice! sacrifice your rest for it, sacrifice your comfort zone for the chances you get to make that dream a reality.

4- You are a warrior: 

No matter how much pain you're feeling, no matter how hard you're tested, pushed or challenged! you got to fight even harder you can do it because you have what it takes! You're going to get hurt, you're going to make mistakes and you're going to fail your way to success! but don't give up, go one more mile. 

5- He who says he can't, and he who says he can are both right: 

What you think is what will manifest and your life isn't as it seems from the outside, but it's exactly like the one you have in your head, how you think your life is, that's your life and who you think you are this is you!

6- What's your dream! what takes to get it! 

Figure out that then do it! you don't need a budget, you need a dream!! so believe in your dream and don't expect anyone to do for you! it's your own dream.

7- in this life, there are no shortcuts: 

If you want to make it, you got to be patient, you got to go through it all, you got to be consistent.

8- We need a motivation, a constant one: 

Our actions are the result of a motivation, and working on your dreams or getting things done isn't about being in mood for that or not, but it's about having enough motivation to do it, so when you lack motivation, try to get some, read an article, watch a motivational video or read motivational quotes.

Don't pray to not get afraid, pray to have enough strength to do it and doing it though you're afraid, that's success!

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