7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Make Themselves Insanely Productive

Being productive isn't about working so hard or pushing yourself too much, it's about getting things done, doing what you have to do! so whenever you got things to be done take your responsibility to do it, and here's some tips to help out: 

1- Just begin: 

Because if you have the courage to begin, then you have the courage to succeed.

2- Don't mind to start over: 

Because it doesn't mean that you failed, it means that you're going to find a better way to do it! it's all about practicing it, the more you practice, the easier it gets. But alway seek to work smart, have shortcuts!

3- Know the value of time and never waste it: 

Money comes and goes, time just goes, use it wisely and revisit your time wasters, yet productivity is about getting things done, it has been obsessing me lately the idea of using every single minute wisely and not to waste my time, but is it healthy to go so hard on yourself and push it to work all day long! productivity isn't about doing much, but it's about getting things done, take responsibility to do your work, after that do what you want, and it always depends on your goals. I'm okay with the idea that we need a rest from time to time, but sometimes, when you have things to be done, then you need to do it!

4- Have enough sleep: 

You may think that when you sleep less, you'll have more time to work on your dreams, but this not true, when you lack sleep you get less productive and it will take more time to do what you can do in a very short time, when you're most productive! work has nothing to do with time, but it's all about being productive and bringing out the best of you. So don't focus on hours spent on work, rather focus on how much productive you were!

5- Write down your ideas: 

Because what you think of is precious, use flash cards if you want. And when you write a to-do list write it for today, not for tomorrow that way you'll be able to get more things done.

6- Focus on progress, rather than perfection: 

When working on your dreams, get motivated with your progress even if it was just small steps each time, what matters the most is that you're improving and you're getting closer to your dreams every day more! often success doesn't come over a night, it may take some years to happen, but you should focus on these progressions and let it motivate you to work even harder and never loose faith!

7- Start with the result then go to the process: 

Start with the goals then figure out the plan that it's going to get you to your goals!

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