14 Timeless Ways To Be A Better Person Every Day

"You try to fix something, but you can't fix, what you can't see, It's the soul that needs the surgery"

It isn't our physical beauty what we should invest in, but it's our soul, so here're some ideas to get you to be a better person:

1- Do what you're afraid of, do it anyway: 

If you're going to wait for the moment you become ready to do it, then know that this moment isn't going to come! you won't realize that you're ready until you'll do it, you can't always be strong, but you can always be brave! so do it anyway!

2- Be grateful for your bad moments: 

It may make no sense, but our hardest moments are our biggest lessons in life, these lessons you're learning, the wisdom you're getting, the power you're finding in yourself although you didn't know that it exists, these things really worth all the hard moments, so get excited about it!

3- Learn from your mistakes: 

It's great how revisiting the day's mistakes can teach us many lessons, so make it a habit to remember your day before sleeping, write down your mistakes and the lessons you can learn from it, then make sure you never make these mistakes twice. When it hurts, observe. Life is trying to teach you something.

4- Take others' judgments very lightly: 

You need to understand that everyone is free to do what so ever he wants, you have no right to judge people, and so they also have no right to judge you, that's why you need to take others' opinion very lightly, they're not supposed to tell their opinion of you and since they did, then you just have to ignore it because they don't know everything about you, they don't know what your journey is all about!

5- Avoid negativity: 

People rudeness isn't about you, it's a reflection of they are, you're not the reason why they're treating you that way, you deserve better so don't stick with them! just let it go and avoid negative people. 

6- Don't give up on kindness: 

Being kind and being abused for this kindness, shouldn't make you giving it up! keep being kind, it's not a weakness, it's a healthy life where you don't hold on the anger and the hate, where you bring peace into your life. So don't don't be afraid to show kindness! Remember, when you forgive, you heal, and when you let go, you grow.

7- Focus on progress, rather than perfection: 

And let these steps you're taking to improve yourself motivate you! getting closer to your dream every day more! that's what really matters.

8- Overcome your shyness: 

Understand that the world is not focused on you. And those who are shy, are wasting opportunities much more than anyone else in life!

9- Stay in nature: 

Whether it was a small garden or a big park, a sea or a forest, nature always have a calming effect! buildings and jammed streets can only make you even more suffocated. Nature is also a great inspiration.

10- Don't compare yourself to others: 

It doesn't matter what others are doing, it matters what you are doing. As long as you don't know what their journey is all about, you can't judge their way of living.

11- Hold in your anger: 

Blowing it would only make it worse and make you even irritated, by holding in the anger you'll get kinder and calmer! you're not supposed to be well treated, but you're supposed to treat people well!

12- Let go of what's stressing you: 

Sometimes letting go doesn't mean that you're running away from your problems, sometimes it means that you refuse to be too hard on yourself, that you want to get a break to pause and enjoy this moment. You don't have to solve all the problems in the world! just do your best each time and let go of what you have no control over.

13- Give up expectations and complaining: 

Your dissatisfaction comes only from expectations, you expect things to be in a certain way and you want it so bad that you get blinded on how amazing things can find its way to be! stop complaining and hold on for what matters! appreciate what you have and who you have in your life!

14- Decide to change your life and fall in love with it: 

This life is 100% your responsibility, and nothing will change unless you decide to make the change, live a life you're proud of, live on your own expectations, not on others'! You're capable to do what so ever you want, just make sure that it matters to you, make sure that you're doing what you love, not what others think is a great idea! No one owes you happiness and waiting for someone else to make you happy is the best way to be sad! Take full responsibility for your own happiness and stop waiting to have money to get happy, or waiting for love to get happy, be happy right now, happiness doesn't come from outside, it's within us!

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