15-Day Love Yourself Challenge

Everything starts with us, you can't love others if you don't love yourself, you can't take care of others if you can't take care of yourself, below is a checklist of things to do in order to cultivate your self-esteem! and love yourself better:

- Day 1: Smile to yourself in the mirror

- Day 2: Write 10 things you love about yourself

Day 3: Write your good habits

Day 4: Be optimistic and see the good in every situation

Day 5: Let go anger, jealousy and hate instead forgive and be kind

Day 6: Be tolerant and accept others' difference, know that everyone is free to do and be the way he wants

Day 7: Surround yourself with positive people and avoid the negative ones

Day 8: Help and communicate with people

Day 9: Take actions on your dreams

Day 10: Be grateful for what you have in your life 

Day 11: Treat yourself well, eat healthy and exercise

Day 12: Avoid negative thoughts and practice positivity

Day 13: Seek improvement, not perfection!

- Day 14: Value who you have in your life rather than what you have!

- Day 15: Understand that you owe it to yourself to be happy

Only when you love yourself that you can get enough confidence to take actions on your dreams and live the life you want!

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