9 Great Tips From My 15-Year Of Studying To Inspire You

by - May 07, 2015

Being good at your studies isn't really a matter of intelligent as much as it's a matter of hard work, and some passion. Doing something you love makes it easier for you to give out your best! 
Below are some simple but underutilized tips from my 15-year of studying:

1- Be well organized: 

That saves a lot of time and then you'll have a clear idea about what you need to study, I may say being organized is already the half of the work.

2- Practice: 

Being good in some material isn't something we're born with, it comes with practicing. So if you want better results, then love that material and work hard for it, and never give up, even if you can't see any results for the short term, keep up the work, it will certainly pay off.

3- Do your homework: 

We all hate doing homework, but it's good since it gets you to practice that material. Sometimes you don't just have to work when you feel like it, because we rarely feel like it, sometimes you have to stick to the system and work even when you don't feel like it.

4- Don't memorize: 

Just understand the main idea then talk about it, like the teacher does, by doing so you'll understand the material better and you'll have more ideas to talk about.

5- Highlight: 

We can learn by visuals better than texts and when you use colors you can memorize better.

6- Don't miss your classes: 

Sometimes it's about hearing what the teacher has say, it gives more ideas and saves much time since you'll understand it better.

7- Study daily: 

It always feels much comfortable to know that you're studying and not wasting time. 

8- Invest your most productive hours: 

When you're tired you become less productive and sometimes it's useless to study for hours when you're tired because you won't understand and memorize well, but when you're most productive you can study it better in a short time.

9- Get enough sleep: 

It's all about your mind and when it gets tired, you can't give out your best, and this is my golden rule during all my study years.

Studies doesn't teach us only sciences, it teaches us commitment, persistence,.. maybe that is much important than studies itself! because that's what you'll need most through your life.

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