7 Useful Blogging Tips I Wish I Knew Earlier

by - May 06, 2015

The secret to blogging success is no secret, there are no shortcuts to success. It takes from you hard work and persistence

"What comes easy won't last and what will last won't come easy", we all know such sayings well and we think that it's true and meaningful, yet we don't really believe it. It always sounds hard and tiring to go the long way, but in fact, trying shortcuts and ending nowhere is much tiring, below some simple yet great blogging tips, to help you through your journey as a blogger:

1- The illusion of guest posting: 

Your audience is actually attached to your kind of writing, even if others posts are going viral, it doesn't mean that they'll do on your blog. Your blog is your voice, don't be an echo.

2- Invest in your golden hour: 

When you're most productive, try writing as often as you can and as much as you can until you figure out your golden hour, then invest in this hour especially.

3- Keep yourself inspired: 

Better yet find out a way to inspire from everything around you and within you, try writing notes whenever you get an idea, and when you get to write, develop these ideas.

4- Never stop trying: 

You're capable of doing what you love to do, you just need more practice.

5- Your content is king: 

Be original, don't be an echo, when you write great content it will promote you like nothing else.

6- Start where others stopped: 

Don't start from zero, learn from others and create something new, create something better, add a value.

7- Don't write to please people: 

Write from your heart, because you can't add a value if it wasn't from your heart, don't think about what people will like to read, be yourself, express yourself and right people will fall in love with it!

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