6 Simple Tips To Be More Productive You Should Learn

by - May 17, 2015

We human beings, like to get wherever we want to go through the shortest road and the easiest ways with as less pain as possible, therefore, productivity seems to be something important to master, since it means more accomplishments with less efforts. Below are some great simple tips you need to know in order to be more productive:

1- Embrace discomfort:

Routine is good, it's comfortable. Still, you'll have to push yourself to embrace discomfort if you ever wanted to improve and get ahead with your work. Try new ideas and constantly improve your ways. There will be always something to improve.

2- Be aware of procrastination:

Procrastination is the first enemy of productivity, and we often get into it through excuses, like "I'm not fully concentrated now, it would be better if I had a pause and worked later when I'm well rested" or "I'm not comfortable now, too much noise, I don't have much time now...". If you're not getting things done, then it might be a sign that you're probably procrastinating. 

3- Eliminate the distraction:

Shut down your phone! Shut people's noise down, get rid of all the destruction and focus on your goals, write down every distraction holding you back from reaching your goals then shut it down, push yourself to get where you want.

4- Generate more ideas:

You're important and your ideas does matter. Any great accomplishment had actually started with a small idea. Keep notes of those small ideas that cross your mind every now and then and reread them later and decide what to invest in and what to develop.

5- Quality vs Quantity:

Nowadays, we seem to have some good quantity of everything which means if you ever wanted to stand out in the crowd, you'll have to provide something of quality that will make the difference. While it would be best if you can assure quality and quantity at the same time, quality should be always a priority.

6- Invest in yourself:

As much as this is about your work, it also about yourself. When you feel good about yourself, you're most likely to be productive, therefore it's quite important to take good care of yourself, of your hygiene and your happiness and your motivation. Keep motivating yourself by following those who made it before, for if they could, then you should!

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