30-Day Writing Challenge To Take

The point from this challenge is to get to know yourself better because you only can change what you know:

Day 1: Basic things about yourself

Day 2: The way you want your life to be

Day 3: Things you've learned in some period (college year, a month,..)

Day 4: Your story

Day 5: Your day in detail

Day 6: Big changes in your life

Day 7: 10 Things you want to do before your next birthday

Day 8: 5 Things from your bucket list

Day 9: Someone you love

Day 10: Things you regret doing last year

Day 11: The place you want to live in

Day 12: Most memorable vacation

Day 13: Best memory you've ever had

Day 14: Things you're most grateful for in your life

Day 15: Things you hate in yourself and ways to change it

Day 16: Accomplishments you had in your life

Day 17: Something you can't live without! is it true, or it's just your mind!

Day 18: Things that make you upset

Day 19: Moments you wish it lasts longer

Day 20: What special about last month

Day 21: Something you would do, if you could not fail

Day 22: Things you think it would make your days perfect

Day 23: Your current relationship, if single, how life is!

Day 24: Your views on religion

Day 25: How have you changed in the past 2 years?

Day 26: Goals for the next 30 days

Day 27: Your highs and lows for this month

Day 28: Someone who inspires you

Day 29: A letter to your future self

Day 30: Lessons you've learned in your life

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