23 Little Things I Like That Makes Me Happy Instantly

We often tend to complain about life, the problems and the challenges we go through, we never get satisfied. Life isn't really about living in peace with no problems, it's about having problems and challenges yet still enjoying life and finding an inner peace deep inside. It's about giving to the world, we're here to leave it a better place and to lift people. So give up worrying and enjoy the little things, because often our happiness comes from these little things, are below are some things I enjoy most:

1- Coffee: Life begins after coffee!

2- Rain: Its odor and its freshness. 

3- Green eyes

4- The sea: So peaceful yet, so powerful.

5- Sunsets: A beautiful mix of colors and the claim of the end of a day and the beginning of better days.

6- Dark chocolate: Always there for you whenever you feel down or happy.

7- My laptop: It's my relief since I get to write my diaries and my thoughts in it.

8- Driving: It excites me.

9- Nights: Calm and mysterious just like me!

10- Reading books: I get to live a second life with each book I read.

11- Blogging: I get to make a lot of art while blogging.

12- My bed

13- Babies: The most innocent creatures, it gives a lot of hope to watch them.

14- People with good hearts

15- Art and creativity

16- Trying new things: It's the most thing that makes feel actually alive.

17- Kindness

18- Photography: Because the world is full of beauty.

19- Traveling: The world is meant to be explored, traveling can be the best way to learn about life and to open your mind and heart.

20- Family: Where I get to laugh spontaneously most.

21- Helping others: we rise by lifting others. 

22- Cooking! and trying new recipes 

23- Going out with friends: Sometimes all that we need is a good talk with a close friend to heal all the wounds of the soul.

Now I want you to tell me the top 3 things you most enjoy!

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