20 Lists Challenge To Inspire You

The idea of this challenge is to make a list of a certain subject to better understand yourself and your life thus you'll be able to improve and change for the better, so try to make a list of:

Day 1: 10 things in your life, you're most grateful for

Day 2: 10 facts about you

Day 3: Your to-do list

Day 4: Your favorite places in your town

Day 5: Your bad habits

Day 6: Your long-term goals

Day 7: Your biggest regrets

Day 8: Things that make you happy

Day 9: People you love the most

Day 10: Things you can't live without

Day 11: Your best food

Day 12: Your bucket list

Day 13: Nicknames people call you

Day 14: Your best memories

Day 15: Moments of change

Day 16: Your fears

Day 17: Your dreams

Day 18: Things you miss

Day 19: Things you do when you're alone

Day 20: Places you would like to visit

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