20-day Letter Challenge To Inspire You

The point from this challenge is to give yourself a chance to think differently, to try to see things in a different way, deeper than your everyday view. Below are persons and things to write to:

Day 1: Your reflection in the mirror

Day 2: Your boyfriend/best friend

Day 3: Your dreams

Day 4: Your family

Day 5: Someone hurt you

Day 6: Someone you hurt

Day 7: Someone that changed your life

Day 8: Someone that gave you your best memory

Day 9: Your teachers

Day 10: Someone you're grateful to have in your life

Day 11: Yourself as a child

Day 12: To the leader of your country

Day 13: your children/future children

Day 14: your idol

Day 15: Your fears

Day 16: Your days

Day 17: Someone helped a lot

Day 18: Someone you learned a lot from

Day 19: Someone make you happy

Day 20: Someone you love so much

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