14 Things Emotionally Strong People Don’t Do

Strength isn't in physics, it's inside of us, and when you become an emotionally strong person you'll give up doing many things, here's a list of some of things emotionally strong people don't do:

1- They don’t beg for attention

They’re comfortable in their own skin and they live on their own expectations, not others'! because they don't seek to please people, they know that people will judge no matter what you're going to do!

2- They don’t allow others to bring them down

They ignore haters and surround themselves with positive people. 

3- They don’t stop believing in themselves: 

Even when no one else do, because they know that it's their own vision and no one can see it the way they do.

4- They’re not afraid to love : 

Love is the power that improves the world, being open and kind isn't a weakness, it's a pure strength! to be strong enough to show kindness in a rude world.

5- They’re not afraid of slowing down : 

They give time for reflection and relaxation.

6- They refuse to be a victim of circumstance : 

They refuse to make excuses, they leave the past behind and focus on getting a little better every day. They know that life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react!

7- They don’t have a problem saying no 

They say no to all the stuff that waste their time.

8- They don’t back down from challenges : 

They see it as opportunities to grow and improve their life.

9- They don’t do things they don’t want to do : 

They do what they love.

10- They don’t forget that happiness is a decision : 

They choose to live a life of simplicity, productivity and passion.

11- They don’t waste time: 

Money comes and goes, time just goes, they know that everything is replaceable except time, so they do invest it well!

12- They aren't afraid to ask for help: 

There's no shame in doing so, the shame is only when you think that yu know everything and that you don't need anyone's help!

13- They don’t mind working a little harder than everyone else: 

Because the harder you work, the luckier you become! 

14- They never ever give up : 

They learn from their mistakes and keep going.

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