14 Ideas To Brighten Your Mood When You're Feeling Down

Moods and feelings comes and goes and often we can't control the way we feel, but we still can control our actions, and taking the right actions will help to change the way we feel! Having sad moments through your life doesn't mean that you have a sad life, it's normal to feel sad sometimes. We're human beings and so we meant to feel different feelings and moods, the point isn't not to get sad at all, but to learn how to cheer up each time you're feeling down. Below are some ideas of things to do when you feel sad:

1- Read a good book, books are a moment of pleasure, it's a chance to live a second life with each story and a great way to escape from your stress.

2- Eat dark chocolate.

3- Drink a coffee.

4- Have some sleep.

5- Have a shower.

6- Socialize, talking is a healing even if it wasn't about what's stressing you out.

7- Write it down, dump your thoughts.

8- Work, if you're working, or study but keep yourself busy, it's a way to distract your thoughts.

9- Exercise, feeling good about yourself can impressively boost your mood.

10- Go out in nature.

11- Read some self-help articles or books.

12- feel grateful, we all have a lot to be grateful for, life itself is a gift.

13- help someone, we rise by lifting others.

14- Forget about the way you feel and do what you have to do, deeds doesn't require having a mood for it! 

Don't settle for negativity, you'll always have the choice, so choose better!

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