14 Free Android App I Like The Most

1- Skype: This is really perfect for free video calls.
2- 7days: It’s an easy way to keep up your diary.
3- 7 cups of tea: It offer listeners for you and they might help you as well. Whenever I feel bad, I would go straight to them because sometimes all that we really need is someone to listen to us!
4- The weather channel: It's a weather application and it offers hourly weather.
5- Dear future me: You can send a letter to your future self and receive it whenever you like.
6- Stumble upon: You can choose your interests and read articles about it.
7- gReader: Now you won’t miss the articles from your favorite blogs.
8- Pinterest: Pinterest helps people discover the things they want to plan, buy and do. It's a great inspiration.
9- Beauty Camera: I like the touch it gives.
10- Focus Effect: This is really easy to use and it gives the best focus effect.
11- Camera+ by KVADGroup: I love the variety of effects that it offers and it’s the best I’ve ever used.
12- Wattpad: Wattpad is the best place to read for free and share stories.
13- We heart it: Discover, collect, & share daily inspiration & beautiful images.
14- My calendar: it’s my favorite Period Tracker!

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