How To Improve Yourself By Doing These 11 Things

If you want to be great, then act as if you were great, do what great people do, being great is a decision, below are some things great people do and that can help you to improve:

1- Practice having great thoughts: 

Yyour beliefs shape your perception just like sunglasses color what you see and bring a positive mental attitude toward every problem by seeing it as a chance to learn and grow stronger and always remember every problem does have a solution and things generally never turn out as badly as you thought the might.

2- The future is uncertain, stop trying to predict it: 

And it's useless to spend your time worrying about it, just let it be, be curious instead! Let go fear and take the risks, at the end this life is an adventure or nothing at all.

3- Make a commitment to yourself of all the change you want to make: 

It's great to change, it gives better possibilities, find enough motivation to take the commitment, because motivation fades, the commitment is what lasts! and it's what will get you succeed to make the change.

4- Be willing to let go: 

Letting go doesn't mean giving up, it’s being willing to recognize that enough is enough and have faith that the new path you’re about to take will lead to something wonderful.

5- Keep your moral values and religion to yourself: 

Use them to direct your own actions, never judge a religion by people's actions, religion is perfect, people are not.

6- Be polite and never judge: 

Words are immensely powerful, one cruel remark can wound someone for life! so never hurt or do bad to anyone, you have no right do so, you may can’t hide bad mood, but you can always be polite.

7- Don’t focus on being perfect: 

What you do to the world is what matter the most, the world doesn’t reward perfection, but it reward accomplishments!

8- Seek respect not attention: 

Live to express not to impress, be yourself and right people will fall in love, stop pleasing people, because simply you won't.

9- Don't complain about things you're not willing to change: 

This life is your own responsibility and no one owes you anything, what you want, you got to do it by yourself, you have no right to blame people for the life you're living or for the way you're feeling.

10- Don’t wait life goes faster that you think: 

Stop waiting for summer, Friday, relationship, job to be happy and live, life is happening right now, no matter where you are, or the situation you're in always make the best of it, money comes and goes, time only goes!

11- If you make a mistake don’t feel bad, lose hope or analyze it too much: 

Now you know what not to do and you can try again, we're here to learn and you won't learn unless you make mistakes and take the lesson.

It's ironic how we want to be happy, yet we settle for sadness and negativity, we want to get happy, we want peace, yet we're looking for every single opportunity to worry about almost everything, we want success without working, we want to be respected without showing respect, we judge people, but we don't want to be judged, we're the ones who are holding ourselves from living the way we want, it's never had been about circumstances, it's about your will!

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