13 Lessons Learned From Relationships That No One Will Tell You

by - May 09, 2015

Your relationship might not be the greatest, but as long as it's making you better, and as long as you're learning from it, it's worth your time and love. Always see the good about it! below are some precious lessons I've learned from relationships that no one will tell you:

1- Every love is special, you can't learn about love until you experience it. Don't judge it from its beginning give it time, and give your partner a chance. Don't think of breakup right at the first problem!

2- It's not about being pretty or smart enough because it would never be enough, it's about love that's why if he/she loves you, then jealousy is useless because he/she can't love someone else just because they're much prettier or smarter than you.

3- Staying in a relationship where you're badly treated, is nonsense. You mustn't break your own heart just because you love him/her. You should know when enough is enough and when it's time to walk away!

4- In a relationship, when you fight, it's not the time that is going to heal broken hearts, but each other. When he gets upset your words will heal because you affect each other a lot. The making up that's what heals everything!

5- It always feels better to share stress and problems, not only dreams. You're there for each other for the bad and the good, it's not only about being together but also about doing everything together and sharing things together!!

6- Relationship is about understanding each other well. It's a necessity or you just can't get along together, communication is a key. The more you understand each other, the more things gets easier, therefore you should always listen to each other and give the talk a chance.

7- Avoiding an argument doesn't always mean that you want to run away, sometimes it only means that you want some peace for both of you because in a relationship you can't fix everything, and you don't really have to fix anything all what you need to do is maintaining your relationship and accepting your partner the way he is.

8- In a relationship everyone needs to set limits for the other one, that way you'll know what may hurt him and so you won't do it or say it. Just make it clear from the beginning, what you hate and what you won't accept..

9- Love can't be forced, you can't make anyone loves you if he doesn't love you from his free will, if he wants to leave then let him go, just that simple!

10- I
t's not about what he's doing for you, but it's about the intention, and that's already enough. You may have different tastes but this is totally alright, so show respect and gratitude anyway!

Love isn't perfect, love is overcoming obstacles, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go, love is work but it worth it! even with love you'll have your tough moments, and the love here is what gives the hope.

12- You never stop learning about your partner. Right when you think that you know him well enough, you'll find out that there's still a lot to learn.

13- L
ove can't be defined, it meant to be felt, sometimes words can't be believed when deeds aren't going along with those words!

Problems and arguments doesn't matter, what does is what you've learned. Learning more about your partner and becoming a better person, that's what counts!

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