Improve Your Life Instantly In 6 Easy Steps

While you're trying to be a better person, it's okay to fail sometimes, because that's how it is meant to be, you fail and try again and fail and keep trying and that's the fun of it! because when you decide to change, you still have to practice being the person you decided to be and as long as you're trying, that's true success. Below are some great yet simple steps to improve your life:

1- Don't run away from your past:

the past isn't something to be feared or to be avoided and run away from, it's rather good memories to be cherished and lessons to be learned.

I used to think that my past had really made suffer enough and that the best way to heal my soul is to never remember it again, so I moved on to a different place, knew different people... But when I had to go back I felt so bad, but then maybe it isn't that scary after all, not if you change your attitude about it, and then I decided that I definitely had more good memories than bad ones, so I might as well learn from the bad and cherish the good ones.

2- Start living now:

You don't need to figure out the future, just figure out what you're passionate about so that when opportunities come you'll be able to take advantage of it.

When we're young we have a lot of time but not enough money, and when we're older we have the money but not enough time, so don't let money hold you from living your life, live now with what you have, don't wait until you make money to start living.

3- Eliminate the negative:

When you want to forget about something, you need to stop talking about it, because talking makes you believe it, that's why whining and complaining are useless, not only useless, it actually makes things worse!

Talking can be a powerful thing if we only use it wisely if we only talked positively and about what we want to believe.

4- Control your moods, especially when it comes to loved ones:

We earn nothing by arguing with the ones we love, pride and ego are an illusion, when you decide that nothing affects your worth, nothing can make you feel any less, then it won't.

Always do the right thing, even when you don't feel like it, because if you ever think that showing off your anger will make you feel satisfied, then you're dead wrong, it won't, it would only get you even more aggressive.

5- Always give yourself a second chance:

Allow yourself to try and make mistakes, and each time you make one, give yourself a chance to fix it, to learn from it and to start all over again, but much wiser this time.

It's okay to give it a try, we human hate change by nature, that's why we resist changes, but change is good, if you're comfortable right now, changing would only get you to a better place, don't think short term, see the big picture.

6- Don't get confused by others' behavior:

The good is good even if no one is doing it, and the bad will stay bad even if everyone is doing it, don't get confused by others' behavior, it has never been a reference! no one represents religion, every religion is innocent from those who act in its name, when someone does something bad, then he's bad and not his religion.

When you learn from people, you don't only learn to do things, but also to not do some things, like when someone hurts you, you learn to never do any harm to anyone, for that you don't want anyone to feel the way you felt.

You want to change! make a decision, take action and then keep reminding yourself with your decision. That's how things work, you don't expect that change will happen once you decide it, no! it'll take from your efforts. When you decide to change, you'll probably fail and fail hard, don't mind it, do it again and again until you no longer have to think about it. All that it takes is practicing, we try and fail and try again and that's the fun of it, don't hold yourself back and don't lose faith, you can do it all, but you need to get used to it first.

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