20 Ways to Carry Out Random Acts of Kindness Every Day

A man is not measured by how wealthy he is or how beautiful he is, a man is measured by how good his heart is! When you show kindness, it pays back, you'll find out that the more you give the more you get, even if it sounds hard to believe, but that's what everyone who has been helping and showing kindness would tell you.

Below are some ideas to show kindness:

1- When people hurt you, don't hurt them back, be better. Not for them, but as a reflection of who you are.

2- If you can help people, then help them. Don't miss any opportunity to serve people.

3- Let go of the hate, jealousy and anger, bring peace into your life. You deserve it.

4- Be happy and smile to people. And that's the least you can do, it costs you nothing, yet it can bright someone else's day.

5- Be hopeful for the future. Believe in a better future, because those who believe can actually make it true.

6- Volunteer often. You actually can make a difference, what you have to give is important, never underestimate any kind of help.

7- Donate and share with people.

8- Be kind to kids and old people, that tells a lot about you since those two will need much patience from you.

9- Be supportive and show compassion as often as possible.

10- Never judge people, instead compliment them. The world is already full of judgments.

11- Have a good relation with everyone you know, you don't need to be close to everyone or tell them your secrets, but try to keep a good relation with them.

12- Be optimistic and always see the good in every situation, see the opportunity in every problem.

13- Respect people and accept them for who they are, everyone is free to do whatever he wants, and you have no right to decide for others or to ask them to change, and it's rude to do so.

14- Be open-minded and be tolerant toward others' beliefs and opinions.

15- Never do harm to nature or to people.

16- No matter how successful or how rich you are or you've become, don't get arrogant, don't let yourself be blinded of what's more important. Be successful, be rich, be pretty, but be next door!

17- Take care of yourself, because you can't take care of others when you don't know how to take care of yourself in the first place.

18- Don't hold grudges, forgive and love unconditionally especially your loved ones. They deserve.

19- Wake up every day better than the day before, and do better than the day before.

20- Do what you love, for that you won't be adding a real value to this world only if you're doing something you love, then you'll be creative, not only productive.

Having a kind heart is a lifestyle, and it's developed by practice. It means that when someone hurts you, you're not going to hurt him back, this needs practicing because often we tend to defend ourselves, but try to ignore your desire for revenge. Actually hating others will not do harm to them but to you! no matter how you feel, always show kindness to people! that will bring a lot of peace into your life!

Having a kind heart doesn't mean to be naive, it means that you've brought enough peace into your life to live without hatred, anger, jealousy.. people with pure hearts are to be treasured! 

To leave this world a brighter place and the people we meet a little happier, that's the main purpose of our lives, live up for that.

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