April photo challenge

We live in a beautiful world, even pictures can't show enough how beautiful it is, but pictures aren't there to show all the world's beauty, it's there to remind you that this world is beautiful and that you need to pause for a moment and enjoy its beauty. here is a photo challenge to go on for a month:

Day 1: Self-portrait
Day 2: The Sunrise
Day 3: Smile
Day 4: A book you’re reading
Day 5: Family
Day 6: In the car
Day 7: Workout
Day 8: You’re outfit
Day 9: A pet

Day 10: With your friends
Day 11: Your breakfast
Day 12: Something you cooked
Day 13: Your workplace
Day 14: Hair
Day 15: Something old
Day 16: Beach

Day 17: Your bed
Day 18: Your signature
Day 19: Your shadow
Day 20: Nature
Day 21: Your shoes
Day 22: A baby
Day 23: An old car

Day 24: Something you made by yourself
Day 25: Coffee

Day 26: Street
Day 27: A baby
Day 28: Something special in your room
Day 29: Shopping
Day 30: You, 30 days later

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