Accept..Change (Motivational Vibes)

– Accept the choices you’ve made, change your next ones.
– Accept those who hurt you, change those with whom you are surrounded.
– Accept your body, change your health.
– Accept your imperfections, change your idea of beauty.
– Accept your fate, change your journey.
– Accept where you are now, change where you’ll go.
– Accept the things you can’t change, change the things you can’t accept!

If you want to change, start with your attitude, then everything else will follow. While changing, the beginnings are always hard, you might fail before you succeed, but if you keep trying, you'll get used to the new situation, and eventually, without you knowing the change will happen.

know that luck can change lives, but you only get lucky when you work hard, therefore, work for the life you want, don't wait for opportunities to knock, go after it, better yet, create it! It might sound too vague to say that you need to work on the life you want, but in fact all that you need to do is to work on the small choices you make everyday, because those choices are your life.

You decide how you feel, you decide whether what you're going through would make you stronger or beat you up. 

Strive to be inspiring, not only to be inspired, to give, not only to get, to make others happy, not only to be happy, to encourage, not only to be encouraged and to love, not only to be loved!

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