21 Ways To Improve Your Blog

If you don't improve you step backward, because we can't stay the same, as time is passing by, we need to move on as well, this is including your work also, there's always something to improve about it, no matter how you once believed that it's perfect, so here are some ideas to help you improve your blog:

1- Revisit old ideas.
2- Treat blogging like a job, be serious about it!
3- Keep the ads to the minimum.
4- Have a creative content.
5- Have an original content.
6- Provide social sharing bottoms on every post.
7- Think quality and quantity.
8- Network all the time.
9- Always reply readers’ comments.
10- Write in short, concise paragraphs.
11- Backup your blog regularly.
12- Add search box.
13- Provide useful infographic.
14- Make videos and post it on YouTube.
15- Install share bottom on your blog.
16- Participate on forums that are related to your blog.
17- Install an anti-spam plugin to minimize spammer.
18- Join blogging networks.
19- Actively engage on twitter.
20- Have an about me page.
21- Join blogengage.com.

When blogging is your passion, you still can invent your own ways of improving it, don't limit yourself, you're capable of more than what you think you can. You have other ideas! share with us! :)

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