7 Things Happy People Never Do Twice

It's true that happiness comes from within us, that circumstances can't determine our happiness or misery, still, our actions has to do with us being happy or not. I'm not going to list the things we can do to be happy, they're plenty and each one of us has his own way to lift his mood and cheer up, but I'm going to list below the things that can steal your happiness from you. In other words, these things listed below are the things that happy people never do twice:

1- Forget that this day count:

They value their days and their time, each moment is a good moment. whether it made you happy or sad, there's always something to learn, they see the good about every situation and never forget to be grateful for whatever their days bring up. They don't kill time, they enjoy it. 

2- Let others' opinion define them:

You choose who you are, and who you become, no one should decide this for you. Since they don't know you personally, you can't take their opinion personally. You should know that it's a normal thing for people to reject anything that is different from them, it doesn't mean that being different is a wrong thing, far from it, that's why you should be okay with being rejected, only don't let it make you doubt yourself.

Let it go, no matter what are going to do, people will judge, unless you do nothing and you say nothing, thus you'll be nothing.

3- Let struggles discourage them:

Instead, they let it empower them to fight even harder for what they believe in. Struggles are there to make you stronger, to prepare you to face what's even harder, but never to hold you from working on your dreams.

4- Blame others for their own outcomes:

They don't waste their energy looking for someone to blame, instead, they use it to rebuild the life of their dreams. Your life is your own responsibility, no one owes you anything, where you are and your outcomes are your choices. Your life is your choice, you choose to complain or to get up and make your dreams a reality.

5- Let negativity in their lives:

They make sure that they're on the plus side. Our attitude is what define our lives, and they know that their lives are too worthy to be spent being dramatic, therefore they don't settle for drama rather they choose to see the good about every situation.

6- Take relationships for granted:

They know the worth of their partners, and they keep cherishing their relationships because they know that nothing can kill love as neglecting and taking their partners for granted does.

7- Neglect spiritual or physical well-being:

They value and take care of their bodies because they know that it’s got to last them a lifetime. They make sure to keep a healthy lifestyle. You can't take care of anyone when you don't know how to take care of yourself!

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